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What is the sales price of aluminum alloy die casting
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是一种金属成型工艺,其最大特点是成型速度快、加工成本低,因此在金属加工方面有着非常广泛的应用。 Die casting is a metal forming process. Its biggest feature is its fast forming speed and low processing cost, so it has a very wide range of applications in metal processing. The metal parts produced through the die-casting process are called "die-casting parts". Die-casting parts are widely used in machinery, automobiles, and electrical appliances. Aluminum alloy is a common die-casting material, but it must be noted that for different metal materials, the pre- and post-processing are different. Some netizens report that mold spots often appear on aluminum die-castings. What is the reason? Today Furong Precision will answer this question for everyone:

The appearance of mildew is essentially caused by the chemical reaction between water vapor and the surface of the die casting . The following conditions will accelerate the occurrence of mildew:

1.The humidity in the storage location is large;

2.The surface of the die casting is relatively loose;

3.Excessive corrosion of die casting cleaning agent;

4. The die-casting parts have not been dried after corresponding procedures (such as cleaning, plating, etc.).

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