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How much is the zinc alloy die casting
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目前广泛应用于各种装饰方面。 Zinc alloy die castings are currently widely used in various decorative aspects. The most common defect of zinc alloy die castings is surface blistering. Defect characterization: there are protruding small bubbles on the surface of the die-casting part, which are found after die-casting, exposed after polishing or processing, and appear after oil injection or plating.


1. Intergranular corrosion caused by zinc alloy die casting :

Harmful impurities in zinc alloy components: lead, cadmium, and tin will gather at the grain boundaries to cause intergranular corrosion, and the metal matrix will be broken due to intergranular corrosion. Electroplating accelerates this scourge, and the parts affected by intergranular corrosion will expand Push up the coating, causing blistering on the casting surface. Especially in the humid environment, intergranular corrosion will deform, crack and even break the casting.

2. Zinc alloy die-casting holes cause:

Mainly the stomata and contraction mechanism, the stomata are often round, and the contraction is mostly irregular. (1) The cause of pores: a. During the filling and solidification process of metal liquid, due to gas intrusion, pores are generated on the surface or inside of the casting. b. Invasion of paint volatilization gas. c. The gas content of the alloy liquid is too high and it precipitates during solidification.

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