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What is the price of aluminum die casting
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Due to the low hardness of aluminum alloy , there is only a very thin dense layer on the surface when die-casting aluminum alloy , which is easily damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to use ultrasonic waves with high frequency and small amplitude when removing oil. The frequency is generally suitable for 28-32KHZ To avoid excessive ultrasonic intensity from damaging the dense layer of the workpiece. If the workpiece is not polished and its shape is simple, it is not recommended to use ultrasonic waves.
When die-casting aluminum alloys, there are often a lot of sand holes on the surface, which easily cause hydrogen absorption problems. Therefore, it is recommended to add an anode to degrease the oil during degreasing to peel off the pollutants hidden in the sand holes as much as possible. Residual hydrogen is stripped off to increase the binding force. Suitable for electroplated aluminum alloys are only industrial pure aluminum and silicon-magnesium-containing aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloys that require electroplating need to pay close attention to material selection and monitoring.
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