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Production process of aluminum alloy die castings
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的加工生产过程中,因为技术、模具、原料等诸多方面的因素,铝合金压铸件会出现多种质量问题。 During the processing and production of aluminum alloy castings , due to many factors such as technology, molds, raw materials, etc., various quality problems will occur in aluminum alloy castings. While providing high-quality castings to our friends, our company also introduces solutions to these quality problems.

Carbon deposits. What is carbon deposition? It is the dark oxide on the surface of the aluminum alloy casting, which can usually be removed by wiping it with 0 # emery cloth. This kind of problem can usually be checked by visual inspection. 件出现积碳问题,是因为模具连续生产后,脱模剂或其它杂质在模具内积存,附着在产品表面。 The problem of carbon deposits in aluminum alloy die castings is because after the mold is continuously produced, release agents or other impurities are accumulated in the mold and adhere to the surface of the product. In order to avoid the problem of carbon deposits in the die castings, we recommend that the processing unit clean the molds regularly to keep them clean.

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