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Performance characteristics of die-cast aluminum alloy
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的性能特点是:室温力学性能好;抗腐蚀性强;铸造性能比较差,力学性能的波动和壁厚效应都较大;长期使用时,有因时效作用而使合金的塑性下降,甚至 压铸件 出现开裂的现象;压铸件产生 应力腐蚀 裂纹的倾向也较大等。 The performance characteristics of aluminum alloys are: good mechanical properties at room temperature; strong corrosion resistance; poor casting properties, large fluctuations in mechanical properties and wall thickness effects; in long-term use, plasticity of the alloy decreases due to aging, The phenomenon of cracking occurs in die castings; the tendency of stress corrosion cracking in die castings is also large. The disadvantages of the alloy partially offset its advantages, making it limited in application.

的质量分数大于10%时,强度显著提高。 After natural aging of aluminum alloy die castings, higher mechanical properties can be obtained. When the mass fraction of zinc is greater than 10%, the strength is significantly improved. 压铸 时易热裂。 The disadvantages of this alloy are poor corrosion resistance, tendency to stress corrosion, and easy thermal cracking during die casting . The commonly used Y401 alloy has good fluidity and is easy to fill the cavity. The disadvantage is that the tendency to form pores is large, and when the silicon and iron content is small, it is easy to crack.

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